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It's a win win for Buyer and Sellers!

You are looking to purchase an item online and after doing a lot of research and evaluation you find just the right software solution. But you just noticed the price is a bit on the higher side. Now the process starts all over again, find the right product just at the right price. You just wish if it were available at a certain price, you would have not given it a second thought and bought it right away.

Well, you are in luck we do all the research work and negotiate with "Top Software Developers" to bring you trusted and quality software solutions at just the right price to value ratio. So, you can make the purchase with confidence and avoid wasting time and resources to look for just the right solutions at best prices. However, you can still submit a price you feel is right for that product. We revert to you within a day with the nearest match.

Introduction to this new pricing strategy

Conventional Fixed pricing strategy: Name your price is a new way to define pricing which works on market demand and buyer feedback. A seller usually develops and designs a product keeping in mind consumer requirements. But usually, the pricing is defined by the seller taking the value addition the product makes to a buyer. It helps the seller to reach a % age market share, whereas multiple buyers feel the product is out of reach for them as the pricing is way too high. The Sellers usually cover this by running a promotion for limited times. But the conventional pricing strategy has its flaws as there is no mechanism for regular feedback on pricing to the seller.

All new Name your own price pricing strategy: This is where our automated system fills in the gap of the previous pricing system. We work with top developers and assess the product on Quality, performance, and security parameters. Once a software app meets the parameters and is approved to be listed on our system. The users can trust our experts for connecting them with the right solutions for their needs. They have the option to either purchase the product at the going price decided from the feedback of existing buyers OR they can submit a price they are willing to pay. The Developers have access to the stats and numbers of orders in the queue at a specific price point and you will receive an approval within 24 hrs and might get the nearest matching price or the price you are willing to pay.

How does this concept work?

The process works as per the below steps:

  1. Products are assessed for Quality, Performance, and Security parameters by our team of experts. This helps save you time on assessing the product as we mention the Pros and Cons of each listed product.

  2. We provide feedback to the developer on the best price compared to product value based on feedback from a panel of experienced users. If the Seller approves of the pricing, the product is listed at the exclusive price available to all our users as we deliver higher sales volume to the developer.

  3. Any potential buyer visiting our portal likes or is interested in the product, can either purchase the product at a special discounted price. Or can submit an offer of a price which they are willing to pay.

  4. All the pay your own price offers received in the last 24 hr time frame is now visible to the developer in their pricing feedback dashboard.

  5. The developer will revert to you within 24 hr by accepting the offer or the nearest match to your suggested price.

  6. It's a Win-Win for Buyer and Seller. As Seller gets more volumes and valuable feedback as at which price point, they are getting better conversions. Whereas buyer gets the product at their desired or nearest matching price point.

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